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About us

Leah Vautrot and Valli O'Reilly

Beauty Decoded is dedicated to a holistic approach regarding skincare and life.

O'Reilly has worked all over the world with A list celebrities in film and print, and has an Oscar and BAFTA for her creative work in the industry. She has never stopped searching for quality products. This even included having her own line of specialty lipsticks at Bergdorf Goodman's.  O'Reilly has been a vegetarian and proponent of clean lifestyle for 30 years. 

Vautrot grew up in California eating local and has always had a profound respect for nature which led to extensive and continued studies in aromatherapy, herbalism and ayurvedic beauty techniques. 

With over 50 years of combined experience in cultivating camera ready skin and a passion for using the incredible gifts that Mother Nature provides for us, award winning celebrity makeup artist Valli O'Reilly and makeup artist/aromatherapist Leah Vautrot handcraft formulas personalized to each individual whether it be for acne, psoriasis or aging prone skin.

Through their work on set in the film and television industry, Valli and Leah grew tired of toxic skincare products that resolved one skin issue only to create countless others. Once they met and recognized a shared passion they decided that something needed to change. Sourcing highest quality artisan distilled hydrosols from small, organic farms, therapeutic grade organic essential oils and base products cultivated from the finest natural ingredients Vautrot and O'Reilly formulate the perfect skincare.

Vautrot and O'Reilly believe great skin can be achieved organically without any synthetic or harmful ingredients.

Decode your grooming.